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Individually designed fitness programs to hit your goals and needs.

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Hands-on seminar for 8 or more people on a number of health-related topics.

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Health and fitness program catered to an individual who finds it convenient to train elsewhere.


“I have worked with many trainers and coaches over the last 10 years as I have competed in everything from triathlons to marathons to CrossFit competitions. Working with Matt has been the best experience by far. Matt always listened to me – and I mean that he truly paid attention to my concerns, questions, injuries, goals, and he made a plan or offered suggestions to help me. He never provided me with generic, off-the-cuff answers and instead would give thoughtful responses…even researching to give an even more thorough answer. His programming for me took me to the next level and made me even more competitive. Matt also works with all levels, so when I started with him after taking a year and a half off after surgery, he was patient and supportive. Matt always provided the coaching and guidance I needed exactly when I needed it. He doesn’t believe that one size fits all and I can’t recommend his work enough.” – Lindsay Krueger


“Matt Lightfoot is a terrific trainer. I had the opportunity to train with him for several years in Rosslyn, Virginia, and to watch him train others. He is attentive to one’s particular situation, age (I am in my 70s) and condition, and measures appropriate workouts with those in mind, as well as one’s training objectives. I found Matt especially good at working thru a sore or strained muscle, and he helped keep an aching knee away from surgery for an additional year. Matt is a wonderful man, smart, fun to converse with and be with. My workouts with him were a pleasure.” – John Oberdorfer


“Matt Lightfoot is a true professional. His personal training is varied, progressive, safe, fun, and geared toward improving one’s health and wellness. He motivates and encourages you to improve your overall fitness. Matt is also an intellect – body and mind working at highest potential. Kamili = Perfection = Matt Lightfoot.” Elaine Gill


“I’ve trained with Matt for 3 years now and he has helped transform my feelings about health and fitness. Before starting with Matt, I was focused on being a certain weight. Now I’m more focused on lifting a certain weight, and my body has incidentally transformed as well. He’s so knowledgeable and passionate about what he does that it’s infectious. He really wants to help you be better, and it’s a great way to train.” Kavita Puri


“Matt is one of the hardest working and most positive trainers I know! He makes every workout entertaining and his knowledge of proper movement mechanics has prevented many injuries and ensured quality results. He is engaged, personable, and has become a wonderful friend and colleague. You would be very lucky to train with him! He has changed my life for the better in many ways over the past three years!” Davina Durgana


Matthew Lightfoot has been the best weightlifting coach my friends and I have worked with in the last few years. He is knowledgeable, professional, perceptive, and gives instruction in a clear and precise manner. He is dedicated to his profession and is genuine and kind in his pursuit to help his clients. I always leave his sessions understanding how to better complete a lift or strengthen my weaknesses. On top of knowing so much about lifting, he is very personable so every session was a
constructive and positive experience!! – Jessica Huang

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