March 30, 2018

Fill The Gaps in your Training Routine

Women Performing Sled Pushing Exercise

Your spin classes could be tightening your hip flexors! If you work all day sitting at a desk, your hip flexors are being shortened. Sitting during your workout time will only shorten them more. If you spin during your lunch break, or before work, you’ve added an extra hour of sitting to your day. Your hip flexors will get even tighter, resulting in hip impingements, low back stiffness, etc. You don’t need to actually stop spinning, but make sure you find time to stretch and lengthen them! I suggest at least five minutes of hip flexor stretching after class. If you have a desk job, you’ll want to make sure to get up and stretch for at least five minutes every hour. I know you think may think spin is fun, and it IS good cardio, but you and everyone else that works out needs to think about the way they are working out in a complete manner.

Sorry to my cyclists for mentioning you first. You’re not the only ones I am addressing. It was more of an easy example of my larger point. Everyone needs to look for gaps in their training program and fill those gaps.

If someone loves cardio, you have to find a way to work on strength a couple times a week. Lifting strengthens your core, improves bone density, can correct muscular imbalances, and make you faster! Do not overlook this much important aspect. Add it to your routine.

If you are a titan of lifting, you must know that cardio has to be done. The more efficient your heart pumps, the better it is able to regulate your body back to its normal state after a lifting session. This means a faster recovery time, which means more lifting, and more gains baby! And what is life without gains?… (and Instagram likes on those big lifts.)

To my yogis who only do yoga, you probably know what I am going to say judging by my earlier comments. Weight train. With weight training, your poses will get way stronger and more stable. I know you are working hard to improve those poses and endurance in them. You won’t lose any flexibility either. The loss of flexibility comes when someone never puts their body through a full range of motion. Try lifting something heavy twice a week for three months, and you’ll see improvements in your practice. Your joints will thank you as well.

You may think you have found the perfect and fun workout for you – whether that be, yoga, spinning, lifting, running, etc. This is fair.

Most people will gravitate to one endeavor more than others. The only way your workouts will be sustainable, however, is by figuring out ways to include all of the above elements into your routine.

It will prevent injuries, while also making you better at what you love. Preventing injuries also means being able to do more of your favorite workouts by not experiencing setbacks! Sounds ideal, right?

Let’s go out and make our bodies complete and injury-free!

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