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Stay tuned for videos featuring various exercise and mobility demos!

Mobility Seminar Preview!
Come learn more in-depth why and how you should perform self-myofasical release techniques! This seminar is for all activity levels. First one is Tuesday, May 15th at Iron Will Gym in Charlottesville. Hope to see you there!

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Posture Instructional Video

Posture is fundamental to health and well-being. It is the basis for all other movement and keeping the body balanced and in alignment.

Barbell Bent Over Row Instructional Video

Instructions on how to perform the barbell bent over row. The exercise is great for building the lats, rhomboids, mid-low traps, and also biceps.

Shoulder Tap Instructional Video

The shoulder tap is a great core exercise. Pay attention to detail on this one and you will reap many benefits. Scaled versions include a straight arm plank and a straight arm plank from the knees. 

Pushup Instructional Video

The pushup is one of the foundational bodyweight movements. Do not take form for granted on this exercise. A correctly formed pushup builds the pectoral muscles which stabilize the shoulder. It also is a great core exercise since you have to keep your abs, glutes, and quads engaged to perform it effectively and safely. There are many scaled versions and progressions to the pushup so stay tuned for more of those.