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One-on-One Personal Training
  • Health and Fitness Assessment where we go over exercise and injury history, current activity level, goals, etc.
  • Initial consultation where we can determine strengths and areas to improve.
  • We will come up with our goals and each workout will be tailored toward them as well as long-term health.
  • Group training is available as well!
Mobility/Movement Seminar
  • Learn proper posture while sitting, standing, or being active
  • Get to know the common causes of knee and back pain while running and how to avoid them.
  • Be taught best practices on self-massage and stretching techniques to ease muscle and joint pain.
  • Go in-depth or learn the basics of squatting, deadlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, stability, and balance, and/or breathing.
Online Coaching
  • Convenient online option to get my services anywhere!
  • Specific workouts will be provided for all depending on goals and needs.
  • Skype or video option to monitor exercise technique!
  • Nutrition Guidance.
  • Routine checks of your activities and food journals to keep accountability!